Laura Ewing Endorses Mike for Mayor

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I believe that Mike Foreman is the person with the specific city council leadership experience and skills that the citizens of Friendswood need to serve as mayor. As one who had the privilege of serving the residents of Friendswood as a member of city council, I understand the steep learning curve required by new council members.

With the issues that Hurricane Harvey dumped on our city, and with a new hurricane season in front of us, we need someone with experience on council to continue the leadership needed to better prepare for any storms and other issues that could hit this year.

Mike has served on city council and has been the liaison to many of the city’s committees. He listens well and shares accurate information that allows appropriate decisions to be made. He served in leadership positions with the military, NASA, city council and now in the business that he and his wife, Lorrie, own that provides oversite to nonprofits in construction of their projects.

A vote for Mike Foreman is a vote for quality leadership that allows for 21st century standards with a hometown traditional approach.

Laura Ewing