Jim Bass Endorses Mike for Mayor

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On Easter Sunday morning 2008, the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour was awakened with a worship song recorded by the Friendswood Methodist Church worship team. Mike Foreman, who was a mission specialist on that flight, requested the song. Each astronaut is assigned a day where they select the wakeup call and Mike was given Easter Sunday. He wanted to use it as an opportunity to share his faith in Jesus Christ for the whole world to hear.

I’m the pastor of Friendswood Methodist Church and I share that brief story because it is reflective of the man I have known for the past 12 years. Mike Foreman doesn’t just talk about his faith either, he lives it out in service.

Whether as a Navy pilot, an astronaut or as a church and community leader, Mike exemplifies what it means to be a servant-leader. He is one of the more selfless men I have known. It is never about him. He always seeks what is best for all. And I am confident that those same qualities will also make him an outstanding mayor for the city of Friendswood.

The Rev. Jim Bass