Jerry Ericsson Endorses Mike for Mayor

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I met Mike Foreman some 20 years ago when he and his family moved in behind me. It was good to have another military family in the neighborhood. With a little prying, I learned that he was an “astronaut candidate.”

It took me a long time to get to know Mike well. Now, if I was a naval aviator, test pilot school flight instructor and space-walking astronaut, my neighbors would have known much sooner. Mike is humble.

Astronaut Mike Massimino recounted to me one T-38 flight with Mike: There was a sudden loud bang and a jolt. After about 10 seconds (during which I’m sure Mike was analyzing still in one piece, shiny side still up, not losing altitude) Mike Foreman said, “I think we were struck by lightning.”

Pilots always say “I think,” like “I think” I see the airport, because they are always accessing and reevaluating. Calm, reassuring, quick analysis and continuous verification are good qualities for the guy in charge, whether pilot-in-command or mayor of the city.

I like Mike. He’ll be a great mayor. Join me in supporting Mike Foreman for our next Mayor of Friendswood!

Jerry Ericsson
Lt. Col., USA (ret)
Friendswood City Council, 1996-2005