Richard Sasson Endorses Mike for Mayor

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I have raised my family in Friendswood for the past 25 years. With my children grown, I have tried to give something back, joining many other Friendswood volunteers. It is heartening to see so many donate their time and talents improving the city with their only reward a better place for all of us to live.

Working with other volunteers, I helped remove many unsightly telephone poles (16 down, eight more soon). Unpaid volunteers have organized the Texas Music Festival and artwork murals celebrating our heritage (enjoyed the Clydesdales by the way!).

Thank goodness we have a mayoral candidate that has taken the time to meet the people involved, instead of being “leery” of my “suspicious” activity. Mike Foreman and his family have attended the meetings and functions and given their free time toward city improvement.

All the meetings for the nonprofit association (no taxpayer money) and the city’s downtown economic development board are open to the public. How can you criticize these unpaid volunteers’ effort if you don’t bother to take part?

Thank you Mike Foreman for being a good steward and true leader. Most of all, thanks for doing your homework before judging my character.

Richard Sasson