Foremans make Science Fair judging a family event

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Judging a science fair at Friendswood High School recently became a family event for the Foreman’s. Dad Mike judged along with sons Jim and Jack. The three Friendswood men all have science backgrounds yet each is unique in their careers.

Mike Foreman’s name is familiar to many in the community. He is a former astronaut who served 17 years. He flew two NASA Space Shuttle missions and conducted five spacewalks involving construction outside the International Space Station. The walks totaled more than 32 hours.

He has 40 years of Federal Government service as a NASA astronaut, Naval Officer, Project Manager and Leader to the Venturi Outcomes team. He holds multiple degrees in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. Foreman has flown more than 7,000 hours in over 50 different aircraft.
Foreman was selected to serve on NASA’s Mishap Investigation Board following the EVA Water Intrusion Close Call in 2013 and helped identify technical issues to make process improvements to spacewalking procedures. He was alsoØ Chief of NASA Astronaut Safety for three years.

His career and space experiences led him to motivational speaking and so far, has made more than 300 appearances around the world.

His son, Jim, has career experiences in mechanical engineering and technology. The Friendswood High School graduate has pursued a wide variety of projects, all successful. He describes his career so far as having worked as a newspaper editor, engineering manager, teacher, project manager, charity fundraiser, event planner, and business owner.

He works with the latest in Computer Aided Design, digital document control, and scheduling/task management software. His able to streamline projects using the latest technology and help others be successful. With a degree in engineering and business, advanced technology studies and excellent interpersonal skills, Foreman has been an asset in many projects in the area.
Some of these projects include providing technical integration for Venturi Outcomes, serving as Technology Project Manager for the Houston Zoo Gorilla Exhibit and being Project Manager for GRB Truck Ramp construction. He managed conversion of Friendswood ISD servers to cloud-based system completed a City-wide wi-fi study for City of Friendswood. He was involved in the website development for Friendswood ISD and Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau. Foreman brought a defunct manufacturing facility back to production in only 9 months and served as project team coordinator for automated bolting system for offshore oil rigs.

Friendswood High School graduate and son, Jack Foreman’s field of expertise is in medical science. Serving as a research scientist in Galveston, he is focused on research, development, and implementation of integrative technologies in cognitive neuroscience.

“Using neuroimaging and neuro-modulatory interventions, I aim to help advance our understanding of neural networks and continue to use this knowledge to treat neural abnormalities,” Jack Foreman said. “I also intend to help educate and expose the next generation of researchers to the scientific process as well as the administrative logistics associated with real world research.”

The three are role models for students in science who face a future of decisions on where to place their career choices. Judging the science fair at FHS, the three were able to provide expertise and experience to those entered in the fair.

Jim and Mike Foreman are heavily involved in community service in the Friendswood area.

“Growing up we were not just encouraged to work hard, but to also be independent and to think for ourselves. We were given a lot of freedom at an early age. And seeing our parents get involved in the community made us want to do the same,” Jim Foreman said.

He serves on the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, is a Paul Harris Fellow in the Rotary Club, serves as leadership Council Member at Friendswood United Methodist Church and is the editor and event organizer for to name a few.

His dad is involved in US Vets Houston serving as a board member on the organization that provides housing and employment solutions for returning vets and is also part of the founding board of Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association. He is a life member of the American Legion and serves as a committee member on the Staff/Parish relations committee of the Friendswood United Methodist Church.